Project Description


21 Inch Pressure Plate of Disc Clutch

Brand Name:Dalin
Part Number:
Size:21 Inch
Type:Power Grip Clutches



The Power Grip Clutch is designed to accommodate in-line mounting for heavy duty power transmission. Used in conjunction with either a quick change or standard driving adapter, shown on page 3, the Power Grip Clutch is useful as a coupling clutch for shaft to shaft applications.Split friction discs and airtubes are available to assist with maintenance. Air actuation with the airtube design allows for smooth control and remote actuation via a simple air valve.

Power Grip High Speed Clutches are designed to withstand severe applications mounted to internal combustion engines. The drive rings will fit standard SAE industrial flywheels. Heavy duty laminated gear teeth friction discs are designed to withstand heavy shock loads andtorsional vibrations. Clutches are balanced to the maximum speeds shown below. Do not exceed the capacities for internal combustion engines.

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