CB Series Clutch and Brake Parts Accessories and Rebuild Kits

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To complement our Dalin CB clutch and brake technology, we sell a wide range of accessory components and retrofit kits to extend the life of the equipment. We offer durable drums, wheels and spiders; swivel joints; pneumatic quick release valves and various hardware components to customize each solution to your specific application.

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Air Inlet Options Construction and Friction Shoe
Assembly Options
A Single Side Connection 1 Standard Friction Shoe (SFS), continuous rim, and single mounting
B Two Side Connections A Same as 1, except high coefficient friction material (HI-CO)
C Four Side Connections B Dual mounting with SFS
D One Quick Release Valve C Dual mounting with HI-CO friction material
E Two Quick Release Valves D Dual mounting with SFS and one single flange element
F Two Side Connections and Two Quick Release Valves E Split construction with standard SFS
G Four Quick Release Valves G Dual mounting with one side connection and Tee and SFS
H One Inlet, No Side Connection H Single mounting, one-piece single-flange slotted rim and standard friction material
J Two Inlets, No Side Connections J Slotted rim with HI-CO FSAs
K Four Inlets, No Side Connections K Dual mounting with one QRV, Tee and SFS
L Four Quick Release Valves with Mufflers N Same as “1” with oversized inlet
P One Side Connection and One Quick Release Valve T Split construction with Tee connection
X Element complete less friction shoe assemblies (FSAs
Y Dual mounting with HI-CO friction material
Z 3/8″ thick rim with Standard SFS
1-5 Same as “1” with oversized mount holes


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